Finally In My Space…


Living abroad, like traveling, makes you appreciate the differences in the world. What I knew, what I found most comfort in, what I thought I’m capable or incapable of doing no longer holds me back. I view life differently, with openness, opportunity and embrace. I learned that there is not just one way of living or doing things… I discovered that wherever you are, as long as you are with the person you love and care about, as long as you are open to changes, you can make anywhere home. It’s a great place to call home and I love living here. I no longer think lifestyle is very different from what I knew. I am in my space.

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Growing up in “Adulthood”…

Saying goodbye...
Saying goodbye…

For the last three years, I’ve been away from home, over, 5k miles away.

And this is the best decision that I could have possibly made. Because when you move away, when you turn your life into a journey filled with uncertainty, you grow up in unexpected ways. I finally feel free, independent and capable of doing anything, where nothing really scares me now.

I have faced new challenges and I got to know parts of me I didn’t know existed, I learned, you broadened my horizons, evolved and have grown up.

Higher Learning in Life…

Passion Flower
Passion Flower

I have definitely learning a lot through this life-changing experience of living abroad. As much as there are many people traveling all over the world, there are a lot less people making decisions to move and change their life completely in a different country, as it does pull you away from the comfort zone all people need.

Out of so many lessons learned, my key learning from living abroad is how to be patient and courageous, it’s being okay to ask for help and be open to accept things the way things are. When you live abroad, the simplest task can become a huge challenge. Making new friends, processing paperwork, finding the right word, finding the way around the city. There are always moments of distress, but you’re soon filled with more patience and courage than you ever knew you had in you, and accept differences of the people, culture and lifestyle.

Being On An Emotional Rollercoaster Is Not Fun…

Keep moving forward
Keep moving forward

From the moment you decide to move abroad, your life brings you a full spectrum of mix of emotions, both good and bad. It fluctuates from everything new, excitement, learning, changing, to being homesick, lonely and even depressed at times. A regular routine, errands I used to run, familiar people and places, LA weather – they were all missed unbearably.

Type of food, a song, a TV show, people speaking English… the smallest reminder would overwhelm me with homesickness. I missed everything and I wanted to go back to that place even if for a moment. Or to share that feeling with someone who might understand.

But then when I did go home… it was not the same. My life had been changing at a non-stop pace, and having just a short holiday stay to make up for the lost times with family and friends, it was overwhelming. When someone asks about my new life, I didn’t want for them to think I was sounding pretentious or selfish.

The Beginning: ALL In Pursuit of Love & Happiness…

New Beginning
New Beginning

I had been in a two-year relationship with the ‘love of my life’ before I finally made a decision to move from LA to Rome in 2013.   As I prepared for the move abroad, I can still remember the jitters, anxiety and the storm of thoughts going through my mind about leaving my family, friends, house, career, everything! As I packed up everything into two large suitcases, it was really a surreal feeling as I was unsure if I was doing the right thing.

But, I said my goodbyes and started my new chapter of my life in Italy. Although intriguing and beautiful country, everything was different, the language, culture, food, people… the only familiarity I had was my partner who tried his best to make me feel at home and happy, while at times the transition was not so smooth. I had to quickly accept that most things and people in your life come and go and that in order for me to grow, I needed to move forward.