Being On An Emotional Rollercoaster Is Not Fun…

Keep moving forward
Keep moving forward

From the moment you decide to move abroad, your life brings you a full spectrum of mix of emotions, both good and bad. It fluctuates from everything new, excitement, learning, changing, to being homesick, lonely and even depressed at times. A regular routine, errands I used to run, familiar people and places, LA weather – they were all missed unbearably.

Type of food, a song, a TV show, people speaking English… the smallest reminder would overwhelm me with homesickness. I missed everything and I wanted to go back to that place even if for a moment. Or to share that feeling with someone who might understand.

But then when I did go home… it was not the same. My life had been changing at a non-stop pace, and having just a short holiday stay to make up for the lost times with family and friends, it was overwhelming. When someone asks about my new life, I didn’t want for them to think I was sounding pretentious or selfish.


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