The Beginning: ALL In Pursuit of Love & Happiness…

New Beginning
New Beginning

I had been in a two-year relationship with the ‘love of my life’ before I finally made a decision to move from LA to Rome in 2013.   As I prepared for the move abroad, I can still remember the jitters, anxiety and the storm of thoughts going through my mind about leaving my family, friends, house, career, everything! As I packed up everything into two large suitcases, it was really a surreal feeling as I was unsure if I was doing the right thing.

But, I said my goodbyes and started my new chapter of my life in Italy. Although intriguing and beautiful country, everything was different, the language, culture, food, people… the only familiarity I had was my partner who tried his best to make me feel at home and happy, while at times the transition was not so smooth. I had to quickly accept that most things and people in your life come and go and that in order for me to grow, I needed to move forward.


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